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my story

hillbilly58h started this conversation

Hi . Im 51 years old and always stood on my own two feet . Not long ago my wife ( now x)we had a good start In life 2 sons 9 -11 We both worked hard ,my self in the factory an she stayed home an babysit . tThe house I built was payed off in 5 years so were the cars, and we had  money in the bank! Her father pass away an left her 14 acers  with a small trailer on it she said. Lets sell the house and build a house at dads old place. So we put a sgin  in the yard and I built a pole barn to put our stuff in.  We started to live in the trailer . After work one friday I stoped at the bank to check on our money. And it was gone, the lady at the bank said my wife withdrew it 2 weaks before. When I got home I ask about the money, she pulled papers off the top of the ice box and said i want a divorce! That was the last I knew  of our money .But not only that .All my stuff was in what she called her barn with no way to get it My god was I  and our two sons hurt ,my life ,I was alone with nothing. I kept working trying to go on. then the divorce court -they said you cant find the 17000 dallors she withdrew you cant get the money back , and you have to pay her half of what the house is worth. 40000 dallors ,your child suport payment is 125 a week ,you get your clothing  and tools  One year later she sold the trailer and bought a new house and called me to say IM BRING YOU THE TWO BOYS I DONT WANT THEM AT MY NEW HOUSE ,  Then quit her job The court said 50 dollars a week child suport. Now we try to eat! they tell me I must file bankrupicy now we are going to losse our house.  My boys have surferred enought! No clothing for school ,going without lunch at school, They hurt in so many ways I hate to think about it. they did nothing wrong, nor did I.Any kind words may help some of the pain go away for me, but not the two boys I wish there were some way out

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wow thats so sad when your feeling this bad remember every thing is just materail that as long as you have your boys love will see you threw this.

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